Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheddar Cheese and Apple Sandwich

WAIT!  Don't turn your nose up in disgust and skip this post!  At least hear me out:  Have you ever eaten cheddar cheese with apples as a snack?  I hadn't until my sophomore year of college.  My roommate was eating just that and I thought it sounded disgusting.  She insisted that it was very tasty and that kids really love it too.  She convinced me to try it.  The first bite was a little strange but with every bite I liked it more and more.  Now it's one of my favorite snacks!  So, if you like apples and cheese, you'll love this sandwich.  I do recommend adjusting to the taste through the snack first though!  Anyway, I saw this recipe in a book of mine and thought it sounded marvelous.  Here's the recipe for one sandwich: 
1/2 granny smith apple
2 pieces of bread (the recipe calls for french bread which would be amazing but I only had my whole grain oatnut bread and it worked just fine!
5 slices cheddar cheese (or one if yours are sandwich slices to begin with)
1/8 c. mayonnaise
1/8 tsp. tarragon

1.  Sprinkle a little lemon juice over the apple slices and toss them together.  (The lemon juice will help keep the apples from turning brown)
2.  In a small bowl combine mayonnaise and tarragon. 
3.  Preheat your oven to the broil setting.  Broil your bread until toasted on one side (watch carefully!  If you look away for even 10 seconds your bread could burn!)
4.  Remove the bread and on the un-toasted side pile on the sliced apples.  top with cheese.  Broil until the cheese melts.  Remove from broiler.  At the same time, put the other piece of bread, opposite side down, and broil until it is toasted.  It will probably need to come out before the other slice with the apples is done. 
5.  Spread desired amount of mayonnaise on the empty slice of toasted bread and place on top of apple slices to complete your sandwich. 

This is DELICIOUS!  However, I confess, my husband HATED it.  That's why you should first make sure you like apples and cheese before making the sandwich!  But, this sandwich made my heart so happy.  I felt so extremely healthy and like I was giving tons of nutrients to the little one growing in my belly!  But, pregnant or not, enjoy this healthy lunch!  

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  1. I used to make grilled cheese sandwiches with sliced apples inside. Super yummy, but I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder!