Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Exhausted at the end of a long day and need to put dinner on the table?  Don't forfeit nutritional value just because you have zero desire to cook tonight!  No need to open a can of raviolis which has far less nutrients in it and is unfailingly mushy! Instead, pull out a bag of your favorite FROZEN ravioli, a jar of pasta sauce, and turn on the stove!  While the raviolis cook, throw some romaine lettuce in a bowl, pour on some croutons, and put the ceasar salad dressing on the table! No chopping of vegetables necessary!  For something a little extra, pull out the shredded parmesan too and throw on top of both the ravioli and the salad.  

1 bag of your favorite frozen ravioli
1 jar of your favorite spaghetti sauce

1.  Boil water and cook ravioli according to package instructions.  Drain.  Add desired amount of sauce.  Heat through over medium heat.  When sauce is hot, serve up some dinner! 
2.  I'm a huge advocate of serving a salad, it makes you feel like you aren't robbing anyone of a complete dinner.  And seriously, I picked the ceasar salad because I didn't feel like making one.  It's so easy to shred the lettuce while the ravioli is cooking and just throw it in a bowl with croutons.  And it's still yummy! 

So, next time you need a lifesaver at dinner time, pull this dinner out of your back pocket and have everyone eating in only 10 minutes! 

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  1. Wow! This dish looks so yummy. I think your right, it will save my time if I prepare this for our dinner. I will try it in the weekends.
    Thanks for sharing this menu :)

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