Thursday, April 28, 2011

Chicken Panini

     Looking for a restaurant quality sandwich without all the work?  This is your sandwich!  I can't get over how deliciously flavorful this thing is.  I adapted the original recipe to suit my own tastes and to use up what I already had on hand.  So, before listing the ingredients, here's what you need to know:  Use whatever bread you want.  I used homemade french bread.  You could use regular sandwich bread but for the gourmet effect you really should upgrade to some sort of thicker bread.  But if not, that's fine too. I also used precooked frozen breaded chicken patties.  I just put them in the oven and cooked according to package directions so they would be nice and hot on my sandwich.  You could use any boneless chicken that you want though, the original recipe calls for grilled chicken strips.  I enjoy having a bag of precooked chicken in my freezer for quick meals such as these though! Okay, on to the ingredients: 

Sliced swiss cheese (or provolone if you prefer)
Tomato slices
Pesto sauce, prepared (I bought mine in a little jar in the pasta aisle)
Butter or margarine for spreading

1.  Prepare chicken.  Butter one side of each piece of bread, as if you're going to make a grilled cheese (For a healthier option, use olive oil).  On the other side of each piece of bread, spread on your pesto sauce.  I didn't measure, I just put a thin layer on, the same way I would spread mayonnaise on a different sandwich.  Place your chicken on top of one piece of bread, with the buttered side on the outside.  Place a slice of cheese on top of chicken, then a slice of tomato.  Place your 2nd piece of bread with on the sandwich, with the buttered side on the outside.  
2.  On a preheated pan on medium heat, grill your sandwich until golden brown.  Flip and remove when 2nd side is golden brown.  Just like a grilled cheese.  

Now serve it up with some potato chips and fresh fruit and go enjoy! I hope you're as satisfied as I was! 

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